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Automatic backups

Findmyshift checks your roster every 3 hours for changes to back up. Once backed up, these copies will appear on your "Backups" page, which you can find under "Settings". You can also back up your roster manually at any time from this page. Each backup contains your staff, facilities, settings, shifts, shift requests, time off requests, outbox messages, notice board messages, budgets and pay rates. 

Backups can be downloaded for safe keeping, however the files are only compatible with Findmyshift, so they cannot be used in any other program. Please note that these automatic backups only remain online for seven days, after which time they are deleted.

To download or export your roster data in a way that it can be used in other programs, you'll need to follow these instructions for exporting data.

Restore a backup quickly and easily

To restore a recent copy of your roster go to the "Backups" page and click "Restore" next to one of the the backups. Before the backup is restored, the system will check if any changes have been made since the last automatic backup, and if so, a new backup will be created first.

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