Scheduling for Charities and VolunteersHow Findmyshift helps your volunteer organisation run smoothly

Running a charity or non-profit volunteer program is often accompanied by a myriad of challenges.

Conflicting schedules, staff no-shows, and missing contact information are just a few of the issues that, with smart scheduling software, can be easily eradicated.

As every penny, every second, and every person counts when working in the charity sector, at Findmyshift we’re here to help you as you help others.

If you’re a small organisation on a tight budget, looking for ways to manage and engage volunteers, then Findmyshift’s supply of tools and features can solve your problems. Read on to see just how helpful these features can be.

Unlimited staff

Given the tight budget most charities work with, we’re proud to celebrate how we price our scheduling software. We price our service per team, not per staff member.

So, as your charity grows, and volunteers come and go, it will never cost you anything to schedule extra staff on your rota. This means that you can allocate your budget to areas that need it most.

Pay one low price

The current cost of living has everyone counting their pennies. However, at Findmyshift, no matter how big your organisation grows, your monthly scheduling costs will stay fixed.

Additionally, allowing you to direct all the pennies to your important cause, our super scheduling software is in fact free for up to five team members. Furthermore, as a small thank-you, we also offer a fabulous 25% discount for volunteers and charities.

Easy drag and drop scheduling

Creating a shift-based rota can be a headache in any organisation. Not only is it often time-consuming and tedious, but in the case of charities, with volunteers coming and going, it can be confusing and more work than necessary.

However, with our simple and straightforward drag and drop scheduling, swapping shifts couldn’t be easier. Our system was built for speed and simplicity, so you can focus on who you’re scheduling instead of how you’re scheduling.

Customisable database

Not only is our scheduling super easy to use, it’s also customisable. By being able to add new columns to your database, you can sort and filter your data in ways unique to your organisation.

Our multi-cell editor also lets you add and edit shifts on up to 140 days at once, so you can get far ahead with your task of scheduling. Additionally, you can even create and store shift templates, allowing you to manage your team with efficiency and ease.

Requests and cancellations

Volunteers often balance their roles with other jobs and can therefore be prone to cancelling, rearranging, and swapping shifts. This can cause extra work or confusion for any manager or coordinator adjusting the rota.

Our flexible scheduling tool gives your employees the option to swap, request, or cancel shifts directly from their rota.

You, however, will still have ultimate control in approving such requests and maintain oversight. In turn, you’ll be empowering your team and boosting their efficiency, whilst retaining more time and energy for yourself and therefore your charity.

Holiday management

No matter the type of leave you’re organising, Findmyshift’s smart scheduling allows you to keep on top of it all. With categories that match the leave request, recurring schedules, and auto-calculated leave allowance, arranging time off has never been easier.

As time off is displayed directly on the rota, you’ll always know who’s available or unavailable when allocating shifts.

Furthermore, when approving time off, we’ll let you know if the staff member has any shifts scheduled within that period. With our smart scheduling, you’ll also be able to delegate holiday approval to other team members, freeing up more time for you to focus on your business.

Calendar integration

As a charity worker or volunteer, you’re likely to be on the go most of the time or working from various locations. Findmyshift is there whenever and wherever you need it.

With full calendar integration, you can access your staff rota from the calendar on your phone and even set alarms for upcoming shifts. Findmyshift can also be easily accessed from your web browser, with nothing to install or download—it couldn’t be easier to adjust rotas as you go about your day.

Daily shift reminders

Staff no-shows are a risk in any sector, but with Findmyshift’s automated shift reminders, the likelihood of someone missing a forgotten shift is dramatically reduced.

For any volunteers who are working remotely or on differing sites, an automated reminder letting them know when and where they’re working can be particularly helpful. Reminders can be configured by staff up to 30 days in advance, ensuring that your volunteers are always on the ball.

Messaging and notifications

Active rotas can frequently change, so it is important that everyone who needs to know is kept up to date. With our quick and reliable messaging and notification systems, Findmyshift can help with last minute shift alterations without the need for late-night phone calls.

On Findmyshift it’s free to send and receive shift reminders, birthday reminders, emails, push notifications and Slack messages. In just two clicks, you can also easily send updates to groups with our batch “Send a message” feature. Never again will you be left out of the loop!

Staff noticeboard

Planning a large-scale volunteer meet-up? A Christmas party? Or do you want to share some motivational photos from your latest charity event? Whatever you need it for, with Findmyshift’s private built-in virtual notice board, you’ll have the perfect place for group discussions.

With the ability to post messages and upload documents, communicating with your staff and organising events will be a breeze.

With such tools and features, you’ll be able to turn the monotonous, and time-consuming task of volunteer scheduling into a more dynamic, engaging, and efficient management technique that will bring the best out of your staff.

From dedicated, long-term volunteers with recurring schedules, to newer members who need an extra push to get into the swing of things, you can use Findmyshift’s features to build strategies that positively impact the experience of every volunteer.

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